The reason why I chose China.

In the last entry, I said that I decided to apply MCVP of AIESEC China.
So, let me talk about the reason why I chose China as my next step.
It can be said this 2 points of view.

1st one is how to make bigger impact on society.
2nd one is self developtment.

To make it easier to understand,if you’ve never reat the last entry,please check this URL. The reason why I am in AIESEC.

How to make bigger impact on society.

In terms of this view, AIESEC China has one of the biggest possibility because of these 3 reasons.
1. The biggest number of population.
2. Economic development.
3. It has been 10 years since AIESEC China started.

I think everyone (even if you are not an AIESECer) knows 1&2. In the current society, the events which happened in China can affect all over the world. It means, if AIESEC China makes successfully bigger impact on the country, we can make bigger impact on the world. If AIESEC China is changed, global AIESEC would be changed.

And about the 3rd one, it’s the most important factor for me.
As I wrote in the last entry, I had lots of experiences in AIESEC. And AIESEC Japan has 50 years of history now. So I think there are lots of things which I can bring into AIESEC China. Especially sales, CRM, and management.

I want to change the external relations of AIESEC China by making use of my experiences and knowledge, by making use of CEED from all over the world, establishing better sales culture and system and, collaboration with Japanese companies.

Self developtment.

In terms of this view, I have 2 things which I want to learn through MCVP activities.

1. Chinese business culture.
2. Big organization management.

About the 1st one, it’s just because I think we cannot avoid to work with Chinese in the near future.

And about the 2nd one, it is related with the plan of my future.
In the future, I want to be a person who can make big change in the big organization. I think it can be done only by fighting spirit to make and grow a company, but the most difficult thing is the next step. But if the company overcome the difficulty, It can be one of the biggest valuable companies like softbank, apple, and so on..
So I believe that I will learn the essential things for my future through the MCVP activities.

That’s all the reason why I chose China.


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