My AIESEC activities.

The activity is OCP of the program “SummerXpro2011” in KOLC. This program aims to create high quality 10 leadership, 10 CEEDership , 15 OGX(only @er), and 5 int’l conf opportunities in this summer. And I have 2 points which I’m focusing on through this project. “Innovation” and “impact on society”. So actually what I learned is “how to make innovation” and “What impact on society is” even this program hasn’t finished yet.


About the “innovation”, I found that the things we called innovation can be divided 2 types. First one is “to break something and create something” and another is “carry out the ideas which has already existed”. If I say it about KOLC, the former is to quit send external EP and the late is “LEAD program”.

Innovation is really needed to change drastically something and of course AIESEC. So What I learned is to innovate AIESEC, we need to break something and also try hard to do the ideas which we already thought.


Then about the “what the impact on society is”, I really tried hard to especially change our internal vale into the value on the society. In fact, we have lots of members who had high quality experiences in AIESEC and should be recognized by society as deferent person. But to make our vale into the impact on society, we need to tell it and let society recognize it. This is what I learned, we cannot sale our good product if don’t tried to sale it.. So I’ll try hard to let our society know our high quality members during running this program.


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