One discovery about our sales①.

Generally speaking, sales is really difficult and complicated.
It is consisted by lots of factors, like our brand, communication skill, social situation,,,etc.

But these days, I found one of the most important key factor of sales especially in student organizations about how to sell the service which doesn’t have clear value, like international internship which we are running.

Before starting to talk the main topic, let’s think “what is value”. In my opinion, “value” is consisted by potential(possibility) and trust.(It can written like potential × trust)
For example, when we buy vegetable in supermarket, the one which opens the farmer can be more expensive than the one which doesn’t. It’s is because the former one has high trust. I think this is easy example to explain what the “value” is.

And in our situation, our service cannot make the potential very clear because it’s up to each persons who will be involved. So we need to think deeply about “how we can make high trust service.” when we sell it.

Since it’s the time to sleep(4:50 am haha), I’ll write continuation tomorrow!


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