The value of time.

Last Saturday, we had LCM and did “International Trade Game”.
It was definitely interesting. It was consisted by negotiation, productivity, and information strategy.

But the most interesting things was the changing value of time.

At that game, the limit of time was not opened, so It was really difficult for us to think what we should do at “that” time. In such a situation, the value of time was up to each estimate about the limit of time.
For example, in the beginning of the game, we thought that the time was really short. So we put the first priority of our action on taking action as early as possible.

But as the time ticks away, we realized that we had more time than we estimated.
So after that, the value of time was decreased. We put the first priority on the resources.

The interesting point was the behavior when we didn’t know the time limit.
I guess that some other teams thought time as longer than we did. So such kind of team had thinking time in the beginning of this game.

As the saying goes, “Time is money”. But it’s only the situation which we know the limit.
If we don’t know it, time cannot be money. It up to our sense. At least, I can say that time has not the common value standard.

That is what I learned from that game.


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