The feature of the one who achieves result.

Since I’ve forgot updating this blog in English for 3days though I decided to do it everyday, I’m writing it despite the time is going to be morning.

The theme is the things I talked with my Leader last night. At that time, we couldn’t answer it clearly, but I kept thinking about it. So this became the theme. And in this time, I’d like to talk about it in terms of the difference from the one who change the organization.

These days, I found one of the differences of them.
The 1st one is the person who can do their works as planned. It means that he/her is good at managing themselves, doing works step by step, and has strong responsibility for their jobs.
The later one is the person who can make new idea and make new operation system. It means he/her is good at thinking something new.

I’m not talking about “which is better?”. But now, I feel that I should be the first one.
I believe that I am a later one as usual. In AIESEC, I made most of members have an experience in overseas country or Leadership. It should be good training for especially freshmen. But still we didn’t achieve the visible result of our main business, exchange.

I couldn’t do my jobs as planned so It brought us nothing.
If I did the things I wrote my plan in 1 month earlier than the timeline I actually did, I guess we made more visible result of exchange. Of course some executives did it as planned, so we achieved 20% of our goal.
If I have also 20% of force in my organization, It means that we lost 40 % of achievement because of my bad feature.

So now I decided to change myself into the one who can do it as planned and who can do the jobs step by step.
I always hate operational things, but now I really regret that. Because It was one reason why we didn’t achieve our goals at all. But our time is limited , It’s not the time to change organization, but to be severe for our goals.

I believe that the change will be meaningful when we achieve drastic number of visible result.


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