Strong and Weak points.

When we think about what we can do and how we should do it , to make use of the strongness and avoid weekness is really important.
So in this entry, let me write my strong point and weak point , then how to make use of them and how to avoid them, and the examples.

Below is the 3 strong points and 3 weak points.
This is thoght by myself, so I need objective feedback from you!

Strong points.
-Group behavior.

Weak points.
-Less patience.
-Luck of consideration of others.
-Poorly written

How to make use of my strong points.
These are the 3 things what I can do.
1. Make change in the organization.
2. Create a new value of AIESEC.
3. Lead and encourage other members

In this year, I expecially create something new activities and values.
For example, this summer I made leadership CEED program and the program which let lots of members have AIESEC XPs even if they are freshmen.
I think to have CEEDership as Leader is new activity in AIESEC Japan.
By the second one, the skills of our freshmen was fullfuiled, and it was very big change conpared to last year.
And also, I enouraged lots of members to have CEEDership or LEADership experiences.
These are the reason why my strong points are like that.

How to fix my weak points.
I have 2 methods that I’m doing to fix my bad points, communication and logic.

For example, when I feel I cannot help complaining of someone, I talk to the otherone about it and get idea to calm down myself.
(I know that it’s still not enough.)
And when I really cannot understand others, I try hard to be logicaly to think the other’s idea. Sometimes I feel that I hate it, but if I think it logycaly, I can devide it into good points and bad points to understand it. The important thing is not to be dramaful. It’s my challenge.
About the 3rd one, now I’m writing this blog to solve that matter.

Those are my personality in terms of strong points and weak points.
But I really need objective view about this topic.
So please tell me by comments if it is bad things!!

thanks :)


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