Future plan.

As I wrote in the last entry “My sense of value”, I will have a experiences which nobody will have.

It’s really simple.


1st, I’ll make thebiggest impact on society through AIESEC activity. Then I’ll be minor student because most of students don’t do anything for society.


2nd, I’ll make a company which will have unique technology and service. Then I’ll be only person who will do that service.


3rd, I’ll study in the university with different view of another student. Then I’ll get different unique learning from other students.


After these 3 steps, I’m sure that I’ll be change agent!! haha!


This is my future plan!

My sense of value.

The person who can make change has something different with other people.
To tell you this sense, I want you to know what I’ve done in my life because I think that it’s up to the things I experienced.

This story is divided into 2 parts, before graduation from high school, after entered the university .


Before I graduated from my high school, I was the very good boy.

I studied hard, practiced tennis hard, and became lots of representatives of class, club, and any groups.
I was serious for everything, I always obeyed teachers and engaged for anything very hard.
It seems good because to obey is really important. I just obeyed the rules and teachers.

So, I was in the tennis club for 6years, and I kept to obey the supervisor for 6 years.
When I was in a junior high school, the activities in the tennis club was really tough. The teacher everyday let us run at least for 3km, and he had never forgived our tardiness or any other laziness which affect group behavior. The teacher thought that group behavior is more important than to win in the tournament. I had obeyed his sense of value for 3 years. We finished our junior high school without any trophy.

After I entered high school, I joined the tennis club again. It was the best tennis team in my prefecture. So it’s natural to be a no,1 in the prefecture tournament. I was the captain of the team and let members obey the teachers as captain. We finally became no,1 in the prefecture.

That was the story before I entered my university. I was totally serious and good boy who can obey and try hard for everything, because I thought that It was the only right value in the society.



Fortunately I passed entrance exam of Keio university and Waseda university,and I chose Keio which I am in now.

Compared to high school life, we can do anything more freely in university life. It means that I got a freedom of choice to do. I could choose even not to study.

So I challenged lots of things through AIESEC. And these experiences showed me the diversity of value. I really knew that Japanese and Malaysian have another way of thinking.
I know that It’s natural, but the things which I really saw in the society for the first time made me think about everything by myself. And through thinking by myself, these days, I realized that It was really difficult to define the “right” things.

The realization made me doubt everything in the society, even parents said “it’s right”.
In the society, there are lot’s of things which is defined as right thing even in AIESEC Japan. But I think, the reason why my LC has developed in these years is that we doubt the things which others say “it’s right”.
We took lot’s of different things and system from other LCs and developed ourselves.

I think the same things can be said for the society.
Actually now, someone says that Japan is not good, and this country needs to be changed. But I cannot feel that Japan will be changed. There are few person who really try to change Japan because most of everyone do same things and take same way to live. They cannot have another view to doubt Japan.
I think the person who change the society will be the one who can doubt the things which is though as “right” in the society. So to be such kind of person, I decide to take another way.


The person who have different experiences with general people can bring the change into the society and organizations.
This is my core sense of value.


貯金mind map

MECEじゃなくね? とかその辺の指摘、大募集中です!






The reason why I chose China.

In the last entry, I said that I decided to apply MCVP of AIESEC China.
So, let me talk about the reason why I chose China as my next step.
It can be said this 2 points of view.

1st one is how to make bigger impact on society.
2nd one is self developtment.

To make it easier to understand,if you’ve never reat the last entry,please check this URL. The reason why I am in AIESEC.

How to make bigger impact on society.

In terms of this view, AIESEC China has one of the biggest possibility because of these 3 reasons.
1. The biggest number of population.
2. Economic development.
3. It has been 10 years since AIESEC China started.

I think everyone (even if you are not an AIESECer) knows 1&2. In the current society, the events which happened in China can affect all over the world. It means, if AIESEC China makes successfully bigger impact on the country, we can make bigger impact on the world. If AIESEC China is changed, global AIESEC would be changed.

And about the 3rd one, it’s the most important factor for me.
As I wrote in the last entry, I had lots of experiences in AIESEC. And AIESEC Japan has 50 years of history now. So I think there are lots of things which I can bring into AIESEC China. Especially sales, CRM, and management.

I want to change the external relations of AIESEC China by making use of my experiences and knowledge, by making use of CEED from all over the world, establishing better sales culture and system and, collaboration with Japanese companies.

Self developtment.

In terms of this view, I have 2 things which I want to learn through MCVP activities.

1. Chinese business culture.
2. Big organization management.

About the 1st one, it’s just because I think we cannot avoid to work with Chinese in the near future.

And about the 2nd one, it is related with the plan of my future.
In the future, I want to be a person who can make big change in the big organization. I think it can be done only by fighting spirit to make and grow a company, but the most difficult thing is the next step. But if the company overcome the difficulty, It can be one of the biggest valuable companies like softbank, apple, and so on..
So I believe that I will learn the essential things for my future through the MCVP activities.

That’s all the reason why I chose China.


The reason why I was in AIESEC.

    Last week,I had 2 event which made me think about the fundamental things of AIESEC.
-Our new LCP was elected.
-I decided to apply for MCVP of AIESEC mainland of China.
Since these were good opportunities for me to look back at why I am in AIESEC now, I’d like to write it by considering these 4 steps.
1. Why I joined AIESEC.
2. What I’ve done in AIESEC.
3. How my mind was chenged by AIESEC.
4  Why I keep being in AIESEC.

1. Why I joined AIESEC.

It’s a story before I met the person who attracted me.
(He is not so attractive now. lol)

When I entered my university, I intended to do these 3things.
1.study hard,2.enjoy life,3.Doing something in overseas countries.

So I belonged to a tennis club to achieve the 2nd one, and I took note very hard in all classes during April. But about the 3rd one, I couldn’t find suitable way to do it.My friends gave me some advices like “just take a trip to abroad in summer vacation.However, it was a little bit different from my image of “doing something”.

I needed something more exciting and meaningful and overseas volunteer was the one thing which came to my mind.
After I started to find some international volunteer organizations, AIESEC appeared to me for the first time.
I felt it is also a little bit different from a trip, because the leaflet said that we will have to some activities in Japan.However, I attended the information session just because my friend asked me to join it together.

The only thing I remember was that “the president was soooo attractive!! I want be like him!!”
So I decided to join AIESEC right then and there even though the friend decided not to join AIESEC.

2. What I’ve done in AIESEC.

Actually, I had lots of experiences in AIESEC, but let me share
2 things which really influenced me, International Internship in Malaysia and Activities as VP of KOLC.

International Internship was defenitely my life changing experience.
During the first summer vacation, I was in Malaysia for 6weeks for an internship in a NGO. It was the first time for me to go abroad, so it meant everything was first time for me in that country and now, just now, I can say that this experience has changed me dramatically.
I realized the potential of AIESEC and my potential at that time.
So, I started to have lots of experiences instead of studying and enjoying in my university life for 3 years.

As the VP of KOLC, I learned that we can make impact on society if we do what only we can do.
This year, I challenged to make use of our international network by some new method by combining the ideas which I got through my 3 of international experiencies.
And the most suprising thing was that the big unexpected achievement was created by the new International project. It means I made a big impact on society by making use of our international network.

3. How my mind about AIESEC was chenged.

Now, I believe that AIESEC can change the society.
My 1st year of AIESEC, the purpose to be in AIESEC was just improve myself.
Of course, it’s not bad. AIESEC is the organization which develops young talent.
But by facing big achievement which I made, I became to believe AIESEC has the possiblity
to change the society.
We must find best way to make use of our bigggest connection in the world to make biggest impact on society.

4  Why I keep being in AIESEC.

So, let’s move on to the main topic, “why I am in AIESEC”
As I wrote in the last topic, We must find best way to make use of our biggest connection in the world to make biggest impact on society.
And I believe that I am the one who can do it, because I actually craeted biggest achievement in KOLC and also experieced soooo many things.
This is the reason why I am in AIESEC.

Thanks for reading such a long article:)







  • 中国の皆様、とても几帳面に僕らを扱い、1週間綿密にねられた計画どおりのアクションをしてました
  • それに比べて,まぁ普段の活動とかもあるので忙しかっt(ry 基本その場しのぎのアクションを僕たち日本人はしました


My AIESEC activities.

The activity is OCP of the program “SummerXpro2011” in KOLC. This program aims to create high quality 10 leadership, 10 CEEDership , 15 OGX(only @er), and 5 int’l conf opportunities in this summer. And I have 2 points which I’m focusing on through this project. “Innovation” and “impact on society”. So actually what I learned is “how to make innovation” and “What impact on society is” even this program hasn’t finished yet.


About the “innovation”, I found that the things we called innovation can be divided 2 types. First one is “to break something and create something” and another is “carry out the ideas which has already existed”. If I say it about KOLC, the former is to quit send external EP and the late is “LEAD program”.

Innovation is really needed to change drastically something and of course AIESEC. So What I learned is to innovate AIESEC, we need to break something and also try hard to do the ideas which we already thought.


Then about the “what the impact on society is”, I really tried hard to especially change our internal vale into the value on the society. In fact, we have lots of members who had high quality experiences in AIESEC and should be recognized by society as deferent person. But to make our vale into the impact on society, we need to tell it and let society recognize it. This is what I learned, we cannot sale our good product if don’t tried to sale it.. So I’ll try hard to let our society know our high quality members during running this program.